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The Organizational Behavior [OB] Division is a large and vibrant division of the Academy of Management, with close to 6000 members. We are a group of scholars devoted to studying and understanding individuals and groups within organizational contexts. Please have a look at our domain statement if you would like to learn more about our focus.

With such a large membership and broad mission, it would be easy for our members to get lost in the crowd. That’s why the OB Division’s mantra is “making connections.” We work hard to create bridges across the boundaries that separate people with shared interests. While we provide many opportunities to make connections to others at our annual meeting (through PDWs, networking forums, receptions, etc.), when you cannot be physically connected, we also have the OBWeb to keep you cyber-connected!

OBWeb is one way that you can make connections with the OB Division and its members. But it’s not the only way. The OB Division also maintains a listserv that provides a forum for members to post announcements, ask questions, get answers, and engage in a dialogue about Organizational Behavior issues. If you would like to sign up for the OB listserv, follow these simple instructions.

Thanks for being part of the OB Division!

Paul Tesluk
OB Division Chair
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